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A note on Flickr

Flickr is the photo uploading site that Sarah and I have been using to back up our photographs. Since landing in Australia we have been able to upload a lot more of the photos from the earlier days of our trip, from Kenya through to Namibia. As a result, the ordering of our photographs on the “photostream” (the main page of photographs that comes up when you first visit on our link) is skewed, since the images appear in the order that we upload them. For ease of viewing, we have organized all our photographs into “Amy’s Photos” and “Sarah’s Photos” collections, and each collection is divided into a set. All the sets are in order, so looking at the images is much easier that way (and less confusing).

The link to our flickr page can always be found on the right hand side of this page. However, here is the link again: http://www.flickr.com/amyandsarah

Happy viewing!


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